Thinking differently is deeper than just the way you run your business; it must determine your entire outlook on life, define your goals, and influence the way you treat people. It stretches beyond a skill you learn – it is a trait you must embed deep into your character.

When Carey sees a completed puzzle, she doesn’t just look at the finished product and admire the picture. She sees each individual piece that makes up the whole. She believes there is great power in small pieces coming together to create something beautiful, and it is through this lens that she sees the world. With an eye for detail and a strong analytical style, Carey is known as the “problem solver” by those who know her best. Her ability to break down a complex problem into simple solutions has propelled her success not only as a marketer, but also as a leader, mentor, and friend.

Carey owns Snyder & Company –a marketing and consulting firm that delivers unique strategies to small- and medium-sized businesses by combining strong networking, negotiation, and training services with traditional and non-traditional marketing techniques. Carey’s business has flourished since its start in 2009, but beyond the financial gains it has garnered is a success more valuable than money – the personal growth and achievements of numerous individuals Carey has personally invested in. To Carey, true success is found in helping others reach their full potential, and with this driving mindset, she sets out to personally mentor, support, and encourage young professionals as they develop core leadership skills.

Carey also sees it as a life’s mission to give back to her community through philanthropic initiatives. She enjoys working with CDF, numerous charities, nonprofits, and other civic-minded organizations to further their mission to create a better world for all. She and her husband Jeff founded the non-profit organization, Snuggle Buddy, which provides safe, warm sleeping environments for local children. Carey is perhaps best known for her private philanthropy to those in need, and she strives to perform daily acts of kindness by performing services or relieving financial burdens. She has most recently been nominated for the board of Regional Rehab Center in Tupelo.

To Carey, learning is a life-long process, and she takes pride in her commitment to continued education. She is a 2017 graduate of the Jim Ingram Leadership Institute as well as a Certified Speaker and Leadership Coach through the John Maxwell Team. She is also a graduate of both the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Seminar and the Success Skills program through New Expectations for Women in Mississippi (NEWMS.)

Carey is constantly searching for new ways to improve herself, her business, and her clients through education and consultation with other business professionals. Her work ethic has earned her such accolades as being named Top 20 Under 40 and Top 40 Under 40 in the Tupelo business circuit, and she has been named CDF Ambassador of the Year. Carey was also selected to serve as a board member for First American National Bank at age 38 – making her one of the youngest female bank board members in the United States. Carey is certified in DISC personality training by two distinguished companies and is a marketer and master negotiator by trade.

Ultimately, Carey hopes to inspire and cultivate people to be their best selves both professionally and personally. In her opinion, true professionalism involves a healthy dose of humility coupled with a desire to give back to the community while investing in others.

A lifelong Mississippian, Carey was born and raised in Tremont and now lives in Lee County with her husband Jeff and daughter Alonna. She is a tri-athlete and avid reader.